First Drop of Action!

It was my junior year in college when we deliberately decided to get in trouble. Students often hung out inside their dorm rooms and watch various anime, TV shows, and umm….cough cough. For us, the ones who like cars and motorcycles, we were glued to our computer screen every weekend when it is racing season for motorsports. (Not to mention hours and dollars we spent on Initial D, Maximum Tune, Forza, Need for Speed)

While everything seems to be peaceful on the outside, who knew a little monster thirsting for more action was growing in our mind. During a spring afternoon while procrastinating right before our finals, a scandalous idea was formed: That’s go watch racing live for a weekend! Without tell our parents where we going…..(Don’t do this to your parents)

We survive on cup noodles for a couple weeks, gathered our coins, yelped the cheapest motel room possible, and hopped into our car for a wild ride of the weekend to watch our first ever Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix featuring MotoGP World Championship. It was worth the yelling and cold stare we got later from the parents.

Years later now, we still visit different race tracks from time to time. It was not just the race itself that attracted us, rather it was the crowd, the food, the drinks, the activities, the environment that made us willing to go back again and again.

I hope by sharing little spots around race tracks and some interesting pre-race events will make you see that going to watch auto-racing live for a weekend is not a dream, but rather a lifetime experience enriched with lots of alternative activities one can do with family and loved ones on the side too!

I am not getting paid by merchants or any tracks to do this. I simply want to share the cool spots, restaurants, side activities, and more with you to help promote the idea of going out to have fun! (Oh, and hopefully I can do a TV show about this later too!)

So for people who is thinking about doing this but have lots of questions and uncertainty, please stay tuned!

What made you go visit race tracks?

Dare to Dream, Dare to Act, and Dare to Reach!


About foottrackerluvya

Student for life, traveler for adventure. Currently living in USA. Love photography, travel, food, and culture. Travel is to experience culture, and culture promotes questions and understanding. Feel free to ask me anything related to travel and my blog posts.
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