[Restaurant] The Fish Hopper

Want to impress your love one or family before the adrenaline pumping day at the race track? Surely the race track is fun, but how about some relaxing, romantic moments with your love one at Cannery Row?

One sunny afternoon walking down the streets of Cannery Row, the soothing warm breeze brushed against the sides of my cheeks, scenes of people sunbathing in their bikinis made me blush, and smells of seafood tickled my nostrils big time! My stomach was not going to stay clam when there are all the seafood restaurants around.

It was hard to pick a place to sit down because all the restaurants have their waiters  handing out seafood chowder samples and coupons for free appetizers. So many choices, so little time before my stomach growls like a tiger again. I looked to my right, saw a place with balcony reaching out to the beach side (means ocean view!), heard laughter and chatters from the inside, with a line of people at their door. I made my choice and walked into The Fish Hopper with my travel bud.

Had the choice of sitting inside or at the balcony/patio area, we chose the latter so we can enjoy the breeze and awesome view!  We sat down, let out a big sigh of relieve, looked around, then finally got to the ordering part.

I ordered Crab Ravioli with Prawn and Scallops (above). The ravioli dish is served with lobster cream sauce. Included with the cream sauce are an abundance of crab meat and scallop pieces. The garlic bread is an amazing addition to dip in the cream sauce after you finish the raviolis. Don’t underestimate the size of the dish, as somehow I felt very stuffed at the end of the meal. It definitely reminds me the feeling of what comfort food is…

My travel bud ordered Stuffed Jumbo Prawn Pasta (above), and boy it did not disappoint him. The seasoned crab meat wrapped around the juicy, jumbo prawn in the inside, along with white sauce drizzled over angel hair pasta. Hmmm, I almost stole the plate from him. XD

We missed a few things to try though. The Fish Hopper is actually the winner of Best Clam Chowder in Monterey for 9 consecutive years, and many people also go there to have a cocktail in the afternoon while enjoying the ocean view. May be you guys can go try those for us?

Please go hungry, expect rich, flavorful dishes, and enjoy your view at their patio.

The Fish Hopper: http://www.fishhopper.com/monterey/index.php

Address: 700 Cannery Row • Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: 831-372-8543



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Student for life, traveler for adventure. Currently living in USA. Love photography, travel, food, and culture. Travel is to experience culture, and culture promotes questions and understanding. Feel free to ask me anything related to travel and my blog posts.
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4 Responses to [Restaurant] The Fish Hopper

  1. Crab ravioli sounds DIVINE right now. And I love restaurants that have a patio with a nice view!

  2. What a great find. And the food looks absolutely delicious!

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