Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Whether you are going somewhere, reaching for a dream, or trying to do a job, nothing comes easy.

In the motorsports industry, for a rider/driver to reach the top means endless practice hours and working hard as a public figure. For a team member to stay in the game, (sometimes) it means to start from the bottom and help with anything that needs to be done. Everything is a process, a journey, that one must go through. To enjoy or to despise the experience, that will be up for one to conclude. 


About foottrackerluvya

Student for life, traveler for adventure. Currently living in USA. Love photography, travel, food, and culture. Travel is to experience culture, and culture promotes questions and understanding. Feel free to ask me anything related to travel and my blog posts.
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3 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. ayngelina says:

    Racing is really foreign to me but it’s an interesting perspective on how hard they must work.

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