Its Not All About Racing #1: The Freebies ~

Attending a motorsport event at a race track is fun and all, you get to see the drivers and riders in action, you might even meet some of them, and get a signature on your belly or a kiss on the cheek. But wait! That is not all they have to offer, how about that concert the night before the race, a photo session with a replica of Rossi’s bike, and piles of t-shirt enough to last you three days on the track without doing laundry?

I like to pay attention to other things/activities offered around the track during events. After all, we paid the dues, traveled like a mad man, lost our sleep before our first event, all expecting that special “whole total package” experience. Today we shall look at one of the things you will encounter at motorsport events: Freebies. Some catches my heart, and some I rather flee from than even touching them! (Marketing product makers beware ~~ mwahaha. Pay attention so you won’t waste your money)

The High Club – You are welcome in my bag!

1. Most Useful: T-Shirts

When a practical item and a brand name combine, it makes me happy to receive it, and the brand happy to know we wear it. I love t-shirts because 1). I can wear it during events if I need a change of clothing 2). I can wear the t-shirts to the gym 3). It also can be part of my pajama outfit. Mind you though, the more simple or artistic the t-shirt design is, the more likely I would wear it outdoor!

2. Lip Balm

Who does not use lip balm? (okay may be some) Regardless of what brand you are, lip balm is an everyday item that people use frequently. Some of my friends go crazy when they see me pull out a Yelpstick.

3. Water Bottles

If you exercise a lot, love outdoor activities, or you like to bring your own water to work, then you might like this: water bottles. I received these Forza Motorsport water bottles last year at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca from a vendor’s tent, and it made my friends so jealous every time I flash one out from my bag in gym.

Other cool items I have received: 1-Month Xbox 360 Gold Membership cards, Porsche Iphone skin, tire pressure sensor, ear plugs (omg important for race events), first aid kit.

The 50/50 Club – Love with Conditions.

1. Hats & Visors

I actually LOVE hats….but with a catch! It has to be a brand I like, or represent something memorable.

The Yamaha visor was from Motogp GP some years ago. What made it special was that they only had limited quantity (was out in merely an hour) of it, has embroidery of the date, location on the side panel, and they have a different design and color scheme every year. Definitely a collector’s item, and cannot be bought anywhere else.

For hats and visors, you probably only wear them when the sun is out, or you have a bad hair day. Also, who wants to wear a hat with a company brand you don’t care about? I still love them, but with conditions.

2. Lanyards

Lanyards is like a hit or miss for me. A lot depends on the brand and design. I love getting lanyards from brands I like, I also love lanyards with good color and good design. It is almost like collecting pieces of artwork, and wearing it means you are proud of it. Last year at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, while walking around the track during an event, I kept  hearing people asking where are the girls passing out a particular lanyard (left), because many people love the color of the lanyard. I was lucky I accidentally saw the girls around and got my very own!

3. The Bags.

Bags can be useful when you need something to store all the freebies you got from the hot girls and vendors. However, most will be thrown away right after the event due to the poor quality of the material and yucky color/design on the bags.

A good one I saved (left) uses thicker material than the other ones, has an extra touch of design, and comes with handles on top (I hate it when the strings sink into my shoulder and leaving me with bruises)!!!

The Runaway Club – Get Away from Me!

1. Plastic Key Chains

I don’t even have a photo for this because I threw away all the plastic key chains. How many times do we actually change our key chains in our dear lifetime? Can we use them any other way? Many plastic key chains are just plain tacky, and are considered wastes adding on to our environmental contamination.

2. Magnets

80% of the magnets I got as freebies are the cardboard thin ones with only the company name and number on it (pretty boring with no collector value). Come on, make it more exciting with colors, pictures, logos, just something that would make me want to keep it ~

The Safe Club

If there is anything that people are happy (but not the most exciting items) to get all the times, that would be:

  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Notepads
  • Mini Flashlights
  • Erasers

What are your favorite & least favorite freebies ?


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