[Activity] Old Monterey Farmer’s Market

After a few times eating luscious, rich seafood with lots of sight seeing and hitting up the touristy spots, the longing for simplicity came like a dark cloud over the sky. We wanted to escape to a place filled with local small eats, fresh fruits & produce, and un-commercialized charm. Just like magic, Old Monterey Farmer’s Market granted us our wish.

Began in 1991, Old Monterey Farmer’s Market happens every Tuesday around 4pm-8pm. Three and half blocks of downtown Monterey (Alvarado Street) would be filled with people smiling and laughing with their family and friends, farmers from all over California selling fresh and certified organic produce, and not to mention some local’s favorite food. I found some interesting things while walking around and enjoying the light-hearted atmosphere.

I have not seen cauliflower in so many different colors before! The light orange ones, the light purple ones, and even the green ones! The farmer told me they just use different seeds of cauliflower…

Mmm, (sniff sniff), half chicken on the large grill. Right there on the side of the road, one food stand was grilling the seasoned chickens…

I don’t think any other farmer’s market can beat this. A guy with parrots came to the market. All the children surrounded him and looked at the parrots with large, gleaming eyes. For those who ask nicely, he would put a parrot on your hand to pet for a few minutes!

Many guys were buying large bundle of flowers for their girlfriend/wife. Everyone was smiling from cheek to cheek. Think about it, if you come to Monterey for a 5 day trip, and you have this bouquet of flower in your hotel room during the stay…..no lady would reject that idea ~

Another cool thing I found was the mug that changes color when you put hot water in it! A guy was selling them at the market, with photos of animals you can find in Monterey on the mugs. I found them amusing and good conversational pieces to give to friends, so I got 2 mugs on the go!.

I picked up a coconut drink while cruising around the market. Fresh air was blowing lightly while the sun was peeking out with soft warm rays. The sweet yet refreshing coconut juice made me concluded…

Ahhh….this is life ~

If you are visiting Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for motorsport events, or just touring with family in Monterey, don’t miss the Old Monterey Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons!


Farmer’s Market Location: 321 Alvarado St, Monterey, CA 93940

Time: Every Tuesday, starts at 4pm.



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Student for life, traveler for adventure. Currently living in USA. Love photography, travel, food, and culture. Travel is to experience culture, and culture promotes questions and understanding. Feel free to ask me anything related to travel and my blog posts.
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2 Responses to [Activity] Old Monterey Farmer’s Market

  1. Looks like a great time…I will be in Monterey in July, but sadly we leave on a Tuesday morning:(

    • Awww ~ But! You will still be able to see the parrots at fisherman’s wharf during the weekend if you go! I will slowly dig out other things to do in Monterey too!

      Since you going in July…better book the hotel fast cuz MotoGP race at Mazda Raceway is in July (7/27-7/29)….and that is the biggest event in town where people from all over the world will be flying in!

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