As a motorsports fan, I been watching races on television now for couple years since college. My friends and I celebrated the highs and lows for different riders/drivers behind the closed door of our dorm rooms. Yet we always feel that something is missing: The actual vibrating ground from the roaring cars,the campaign dripping from the podium after the race, and the crowds jumping up and down for their favorite riders/drivers?

We wanted to visit the race tracks to see our heroes in action, but we hesitated…

We did not know the areas around the race tracks, we have no idea where to stay, where to eat, what to expect of the track….we felt a bit intimidated by the thought.

Then in 2007, we decided instead of being afraid, we need to take a step out there. And the rest is history ~

This blog is for people who has been playing with the idea to visit different race tracks here in USA and overseas, but wants to do a little more research before taking action. For those who are royal race fans that travels every year to support your favorite drivers and riders, you might discover something you never did or been to around the areas near the race track too! (Fan activities for different race tracks will be shown also ~)

Topics Covered:

  • Race Track Events
  • Fan Activities for Everyone
  • Awesome Restaurants and Hotels Nearby
  • Alternative Local Attractions for the Family

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  1. Alison Stout says:

    Thank you so much for your great posting on Casa Munras! Do you mind sharing your email address so our team can thank you?

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